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How to Read and Understand the Old Testament: F...
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This is one of those remarkable courses thoughtful Catholics like you have clamored for. An insightful and enjoyable survey of the entire Old Testament in 36 lively lectures you can experience while driving or at home. Throughout the ages, the Old Testament has shaped both culture and belief, while calling forth astounding creativity, fostering deeply held religious convictions and inspiring breathtaking masterworks of art, music, and literature - from Michelangelo´s David to Handel´s Messiah and Milton´s Paradise Lost. The Old Testament can be known as a magnificent whole, yet often you encounter it mainly through worship readings that are limited in number and may be out of context. While they have value even then, their power to teach, inform, and sustain faith only becomes greater when you, as a listener, become as well informed about them as you can be. Giving you that wonderful sense of the Old Testament as a magnificent whole is what Father Guinan´s wise, warm talks are all about. They invite you on an adventure of the mind and soul with the aim of discovering the inner greatness and beauty of these 46 grand Biblical books anew. After receiving a thorough grounding in basics, you will explore elements of the history, literature, culture, theology, and spirituality that these books teach us, and that make up so much of what the Christian faith means today. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Michael D. Guinan. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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